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Prada Womens Handbags -Fashion Design

Prada Handbags are an accessory that are loved by women worldwide. So much can be said about why women are obsessed with Prada Bags, but sometimes words are not necessary, you just have to see one, feel one, carry one and you will understand. While there are many beautiful designer women bags on Love Designer [...]

In a Family Picture found the Bag Thief

In everyday life is full of  “interest” and coinsidence.
In today’s technology-laden society, hearing of crimes solved or cold cases cracked with state-of-the-art tech tools has become commonplace. But for one New Jersey family all it took to catch an alleged thief was a camera and a little luck.

John Myers and his family from Bloomfield, New [...]

ADMJ Anniversary Limited Edition of Package

After the Chanel 2.55 and the Balenciaga motorcycle bag’s debut, ADMJ anniversary limited edition package will be the next necessary  ”IT Bag” for thoes stars go shopping.
In Japan, Ryoko Shinohara, Chiaki Kuriyama in TV show said want to use this bag; vector Tianya Xi , Norika Fujiwara, Yamada are the fans of ADMJ bag. In addition, the [...]

Prada New type of Bag–like the nose of Pig

The original Prada luggage was made of walrus skin.Because of its heavy weight, it is inappropriate to take it on the plane to travel.Therefore, the designer used improved leather to create convenience for consumers and he also designed waterproof fabrics.They start their business by selling luggage and handbags to the United States. casino online [...]

How to make a Bag

For the time being,people are more and more concerned with the DIY(do it yourself) .We realized that how to make use of resources is playing a more and more important role in daily life.There goes several tips for making a bag on the basis of the useless materials.
Our government is avioding white pollution and has [...]

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