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Mockup Advertising’s luxury handbag

Mockup Advertising’s luxury handbag inspired campaign for Garden Glory hoses.
“Our mission was therefore to create a playful but, at the same time, elegant package. “

Prada Womens Handbags -Fashion Design

Prada Handbags are an accessory that are loved by women worldwide. So much can be said about why women are obsessed with Prada Bags, but sometimes words are not necessary, you just have to see one, feel one, carry one and you will understand. While there are many beautiful designer women bags on Love Designer [...]

Hay!ladies! Donnot worry about how to carry your handbags when cycling

This bag which was designed  by British designer Ian Mahaffy for English cycling brand Brooks grew out of playful fashion observations within cycling.
Mahaffy observed how women carry their handbags when cycling and the problems associated with using existing saddle bags. The idea was to make the bag more integrated with the bicycle, [...]

What All of us Will need to Learn about Handbags

A handbag is often a word that brings up many photographs. Based around the era you most relate as well, handbags could illicit reminiscences on the elegant trend affiliated together with your preferred handbag. Certainly, all people features a popular: at times two or 3.

Web Snob July 8, 2011

Simply gorgeous. Polished and perfect. Dainty and ladylike

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