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Entries for November, 2010

He and His Trolley Bag

Yesterday, my friends moved his home to another city. Having lived in this city almost for six years, he looked a little being reluctant to leave. Stepped into his room, a big trolley bag jumped into our sight. Every time I see the trolley bag, I always think of the scene that years ago, [...]

Creative Shopping Bag

Shopping bag, as we know, with its very simple design and its light weight, has become part of our daily life. However, in the past people only pay attention to its usage and even never know what their shopping bag looks like. In recent years, for many designers began to focus on the shopping bag [...]

Knowledges about Matching Bags and Clothes

How to match bag and clothing is a common topic in our daily life. Bag is an important ornament of us. However, it is not easy for everyone to choose a right bag to match his or her clothes. Here, some nice examples are followed. Welcome to the Leighton Middle free school supplies [...]

Straw Bag Design

Straw Bag is not a new item. This summer, as a main trend, it was widely popular in both girls and ladies. It seems everyone love her straw bags this summer. Straw bag is a special hand bag with spacial material. It looks naturally, but it is not only just a simple straw bag. Designers [...]

Rubik’s Cube Bag

Have you ever dreamed of this Rubik’s cube bag? The size of bag is 15*15*15cm, and the tape is 12cm long. You could only hold some mini things such as mobile phone and wallet. Typical best-horoscope.com will be able to show maximum activity at work during April.. It is especially suitable for young [...]

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