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Entries for October, 2010

A Dispute about Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace Bag

In people’s mind, Louis Vuitton is a world wide renowned brand which is engaged to product a wide range of products, such as leather goods, trunks, garments, jewelry, shoes, watches, accessories, sunglasses, and so on. Louis Vuitton is deeply rooted among people.
However, Louis Vuitton published a kind of bag recently which resulted in a dispute. [...]

Creative Bamboo Shopping Bag, in Place of Traditional Plastic Shopping Bag

More and more people know about the bad effection of plastic bag. And the government has began to publish the policy to ban the plastic bag. Here, the bamboo shopping bag is introduced to be in place of the plastic bag. The cotton bag is originally placed in the bamboo to save space. When you [...]

Functional Luggage Case, makes your trip easier

When people have a trip, the luggage case will be necessary. However, a common luggage case usually becomes your burden. Here, I will bring you a good news that the functional luggage case can makes your trip more relaxed.
1, Electric skateboard style luggage case
This luggage case is special for if you feel tired you can [...]

Newest Men’s Bag of Dior 2010

Dior Introduced some men’s bags this winter which go on performing their composed style. Let’s cheer for them.

Maintenance of Leather Bag

Many people are fond of leather bag for it looks exquisite. Today, I will show you the way of leather bag maintenance.
1, Keep it dry, and leave it in a ventilated place.
2, Aviod insolation, washing and being impacted by sharp objects.
3, If it is bemoisted, you could dry it with a soft cloth in order [...]

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