The 30-year-old British designer Stuart Vevers is known to have saved Mulberry brand and currently is the creative director of the Spanish brand Loewe unber LVMH Group.This autumn and winter , Loewe will release all-basic design, the leading one of which is the natural color paper-bag-shaped bags — Papelle (in Spanish : Paper) and it is classified into large ,medium and small sized shape.

Papelle 42($1950)Papelle 35($1450)Papelle 28($1330)Loewe Papelle 42(large sized,$1950)

To our interest, Papelle chooses simplicity instead of complexity, but simplicity creates the fashion. Because  the bags are too much alike the kraft paper bags,the awareness is excessively high .And original idea being low-pitched of the designer has been destroyed thoroughly.However,the short handle greatly reduces the bag’s practicality. Whether the girls will buy the the kind of bags is still a X;we will wait to see the bag sales.

model and Loewe Papelle

In my opinion, Loewe 2010 spring and summer bag eddition is just right at the level of being low-pitched which is not only simple but also practical with slight retro.It has no need to screaming “I want to be low-pitched.”

Jennifer Lopez's Loewe Amazona($1950)



Angelina Jolie's Amazona($1950)