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Entries for July, 2010

Old Style For New Fashion

The ball is round;nothing is impossible. As the World Cup semi-final round came,the great four heat football stars all went home one by one.Thoes who support Macy  had to wait for another four years.Anyway, he is only 23 years old, still young.Although thoes sisters grow old, he is still vigrous.
You have to wait for four [...]

Prada New type of Bag–like the nose of Pig

The original Prada luggage was made of walrus skin.Because of its heavy weight, it is inappropriate to take it on the plane to travel.Therefore, the designer used improved leather to create convenience for consumers and he also designed waterproof fabrics.They start their business by selling luggage and handbags to the United States. casino online [...]

Ten Top handbags for Dinner/Party

A Judith Leiber bags in hand, is definitely a symbol of fashion.With aristocratic style ,the Judith Leiber is designed as a luxury handbag for party, even on the wedding evening party. Ms. Judith Leiber often uses precious stones, crystals, agate and pearl shell on women’s handbag to form different designs to present to the audience [...]

Ten Top Dinner or Party Bag Fillers

I believe that everyone of us must have attended  the party.In different countries people enjoy the the different culture.But it’s common to see that the guest leave the party with the exquisite small prensent provided by the host or hostess.May  we are confused about what we should fill the bag sent to the guest.Because there [...]

The Rich 2nd generation’s training in Beijing Expourse

Nowadays rich 2nd generation often reach the media.Some overspeeded causing the innocent’s life and things like that always happen every coner.
As it reported,the third Private Enterprises Tradition and Development Summit was held in National Administrative Academy located in Suzhou Bridge in Beijing.More than three thousand entrepreneurs and their sons and daughters came to attend the [...]

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